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Africa: Instability Slows Down Progress in Sustainable Development

By Jeffrey Moyo

HARARE, Zimbabwe | 10 December 2023 (IDN) — For almost two years, Zimbabwe’s opposition politician, Job Sikhala, has remained jailed without conviction after he was arrested in 2021, facing charges of inciting public violence.

Another opposition leader, Jacob Ngarivhume, was jailed in April this year for four years on similar charges as in 2020 when he called for a national shutdown in protest over poor government leadership here. (P26)  Japanese | PortugueseSwahili | Turkish


Loss and Damage Fund Is Signed for Climate-Damaged Countries

By Lisa Vives, Global Information Network

NEW YORK | 5 December 2023 (IDN) — Diplomats from nearly 200 countries celebrated with cheers and applause at the opening of the UN Climate Conference in Dubai, where a disaster fund to help vulnerable nations cope with the impact of drought, floods and rising seawater was announced.…


Somali Youth Educator Bags Major UN Refugee Award

By Lisa Vives, Global Information Network

NEW YORK | 29 November 2023 (IDN) — Abdullahi Mire, a former child refugee from Somalia, is this year’s United Nations Nansen Refugee Award winner.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) recognized the 36-year-old Mire for providing 100,000 books to Somali refugees in camps in Kenya.…


The Killings of Women and Girls Hit Record Levels

By Caroline Mwanga

NEW YORK | VIENNA | 27 November 2023 (IDN)— Almost 89,000 women and girls were killed intentionally in 2022 across the globe, the highest yearly number recorded in the past decades. Besides, available data suggest that while the total number of homicides globally has begun to fall in 2022 after a spike in 2021, the number of female homicides is not decreasing.…


COP28: Global Faith Leaders Concerned About Grave Challenges

By Ramesh Jaura

BERLIN | 26 November 2023 (IDN) — In the lead-up to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) that will take place in Dubai from 30 November to 12 December, the Global Faith Leaders Summit has warned that we “stand at the precipice of history, considering the gravity of the challenges” ahead, and expressed concern for “the escalating climate impacts that imperil our cherished planet”.…


A new Global Age of Peace and Sustainable Development

By Jeffrey D. Sachs

Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs testifies to the UN Security Council Session on “Maintenance of International Peace and Security:  Sustaining Peace through Common Development” in New York on 20 November.

UNITED NATIONS | 21 November 2023 (IDN) — In my testimony I will refer to four (wars): the Ukraine War, which started in 2014 with the violent overthrow of Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovich; the Israel-Palestine War, which has flared repeatedly since 1967; the Syrian War, which began in 2011; and the Sahel Wars, which began in 2012 in Mali and have now spread throughout the Sahel.…


Humming a New Tune on World Toilet Day

By Professor Lyla Mehta and Dr Alan Nicol*

BRIGHTON/LONDON, UK | 18 November 2023 (IDN) — A hummingbird is the symbol of 2023’s World Toilet Day. (19 November). Fabled as a small actor in a huge drama—putting out a fire with tiny droplets of water—the analogy appears to be that every one of us doing our bit can make positive change happen in the sanitation world.…


Gaza Genocide? UN Chief Says International Court Has to Decide

By Thalif Deen

UNITED NATIONS | 17 November 2023 (IDN) — Are the killings of thousands of Palestinian civilians in Gaza an act of genocide or “genocide in the making”?

According to a legal definition, genocide includes violent attacks with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group.

A Group of UN experts* say that grave violations committed by Israel against Palestinians in the aftermath of 7 October, particularly in Gaza, point to “a genocide in the making.”…






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