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the Non-profit International Press Syndicate Group with IDN as the Flagship Agency
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Thai Doctor Creating Multi-Faceted Approach to Sustainable Development

By Kalinga Seneviratne

CHANTABURI, Thailand (IDN) – A passionate, socially conscious doctor in this rural farming community in the north-east of Thailand is working with a school for marginalised children, supported by a foundation set up by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the second daughter of late King Bhumibol who died in October 2016.

The school aims at empowering the students to break into the medical field through an unconventional career path that is providing a multi-faceted approach to addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). (P41) INDONESIAN | ITALIAN | JAPANESE TEXT VERSION PDF | KOREAN TEXT VERSION PDF | PORTUGUESE | TAGALOG | THAI

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Image credit: www.opnlttr.com

단독행동주의로의 경향을 굳혀가는 미국의 정치

Image credit: www.opnlttr.com【뉴욕IDN=로드니・레이놀즈】

트럼프 정권의 정치가 단독행동주의와 고립주의라고 하는 두개의 방향으로  점차 힘을 싣고있다.

도널드 트럼프씨는 2016년 11월의 대통령 당선후 195개국이 서명을한 역사적인 파리(기후변동)협정으로부터의 탈퇴를 표명하였다. 서명국 중에서 탈퇴를 표명한 것은 유일하게 미국 하나뿐이다.

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